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Easy Low Calorie Protein Shake!

By Elliot Fisher MS, ATC, CSCS, PES

In a previous blog I covered a high calorie protein shake for people trying to gain weight. Today I’m going to cover a recipe for a low calorie protein shake. This is for people who want to lose weight or don’t have as many calories to play with.


1 scoop whey protein ~100 calories, 20 protein, 2 fat, 2 carbs

1 frozen banana ~105 calories, 1 protein, 0 fat, 27 carbohydrates

2 cups skim milk ~160 calories, 16 protein, 0 fat, 22 carbohydrates

OR 2 cups unsweetened almond milk (for extra low calories, but at expense of some protein) ~60 calories, 2 protein, 5 fat, 2 carbohydrates

Nutrition Facts:

Total calories/macros with skim milk:

365 calories

37 grams of protein

2 gram of fat

41 grams of carbohydrates

Total calories/macros with almond milk:

265 calories

23 grams of protein

6 grams of fat

29 grams of carbohydrates

*Nutrition facts may change based on type/brand of protein powder*

Mix in a blender and enjoy a nice creamy high protein/low calorie shake!

This recipe is also especially high in calcium, potassium, and plenty of other vitamins and minerals!

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